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AR Series Tail Wings

Our tail comes in 3 sizes, the 142AR, 150AR and the 158AR. These tails offer different characteristics but still feel really similar. The AR tail range offers superior glide balanced with great carving ability.

The most versatile tail wings in our range suitable for all levels of rider.

Fast and extremely efficient with excellent glide.

Maneuverable with great carving ability.

Available in 3 sizes 142, 150, 158.

142AR: The 142AR is the little brother of the 150AR. This is incredibly loose. It is a tail for the more advanced rider when used with small front wings, but still offers variation to the foiling experience when paired with the larger 980S front wing. Definitely worth purchasing if you want a loose, fast and critical tail in your quiver whilst sacrificing only a little bit of glide.

150AR: The 150AR tail wing was designed as an all round tail wing. This wing sits in the middle of our range offering that perfect balance between surfability and glide. We recommend this wing for the intermediate to advanced rider. For beginners, or those that have less powerful conditions try our our 158AR.

158AR: The 158AR tail offers further stability to the setup. The larger size and area offer a solution for the beginner to intermediate market. During wing foil testing this wing has also been incredibly popular when paired with the 720S front wing and short fuse for a unique feel. It’s a solid goto tail for downwind conditions, offering stability in bigger swells. Prone surfers enjoy getting slightly more lift and glide in the pump out using this tail without compromising too much through their turns.

The 175AR and 188AR Tail Wings are the next sizes up of 142AR, 150AR and 158AR tails. They offer more stability and bottom end for learners and riders who need a bit more low end from their front wing. If you want your foil setup to go to a lower gear, this is the tail for you.

Designer Notes

The AR Series tail is a wing for every level of foiler. We have designed this tail to feel smooth and predictable, giving the rider extreme confidence. This tail is at home in any discipline, carving, jumping or flowing down wind. The wings are designed and constructed to provide maximum stiffness with no compromise.

- Marcus, Ben, Dan and James


142AR SPAN: 340mm AREA: 142cm2 A/R: 8.5

150AR SPAN: 360mm AREA: 150mc2 A/R: 8.5 

158AR SPAN: 380mm AREA: 158cm2 A/R: 8.5 

175AR SPAN: 420mm AREA: 175cm2 A/R: 8.5

188AR SPAN: 450mm AREA: 188cm2 A/R: 8.5