F-RIDE 2022

F-RIDE 2022

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Patrik F-Ride Board 2022.

This shape is not followed by the trend and it is developed with true dedicated Freeriders. Wide body shapes are more stable for uphauling the sail but we agreed that this is needed more for entry level beginner boards and the freerider is the more advanced rider with different needs. Our shape has a straighter outline and is a bit longer and the advantages are simply a more comfortable and balanced sailing position with planning and upwind performance.

Optical aspect & Footpad: With the new graphic aspect influenced by Italian designer Fabio Canella we are taking a new direction and be more colored while still keep it simple. The 6mm thick over-dotted diamond groove grip pad has an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer which makes it total 12mm and very nice and comfortable.

Shape Info: The extra length on the flat area under the straps is more stable across the axle and forgives wrong foot pressure so that the board keeps on riding like in cruise control mode. Besides that, passive planning (no pumping) is significantly better. The narrower width makes it easier to step into the straps and have both legs balanced in a comfortable position which makes any sailing direction especially going upwind much easier.

Scoop Rocker: Extra longer flat between the straps for better passive planning and more longitudinal stability when sailing along. Volume distribution: An almost even foot position height under the straps makes the ride and the upwind sailing almost feel effortless and the flat deck provides the save standing platform.

Outline: The narrower width and the more parallel lines are closer to the center line and makes it much easier to find the straps and step into the sailing position and keep on driving the board to the speed you feel comfortable with. As well the jibing is easier and the narrow width tilt effortlessly to the leeward side into the curve and the wider tail keeps the board length in the water and drive through the jibes much easier.

Bottom Shape: Double concaved V with stabilizing side flats from nose to the front strap to absorb the chop and give it a comfortable ride and then blend into a flat panel V all the way to the tail for all-round cruising stability and easy rail to rail transitions into manoeuvres.

Rails / Tuck: The boxy rails make the maximum width float stable in non-planning conditions. As well trough the jibe the rail floats nicely and just keeps on going through the whole turn. The sharp tail edges show a clean water release for best planning and acceleration performance.

Deck Shape: Both strap positions are designed to have enough dome and curve to have a comfortable stance when using any of the inside or outside positions.

Fin boxes: Deep Tuttle Foilbox Inserts: Inside and outside strap position on both straps with an extra center possibility in the tail area. Each insert has 4-positions for individual settings.

CONSTRUCTION For this board the blind testing with plain white boards proved that our Biax glass fiber is the choice over the carbon construction. The reason is simple, the Carbon hard and physical and distributes the vibration much more and the Biax glass fiber has the extra flex and absorbs the vibration for a more comfortable and controlled ride whereas most riders proved to be faster on head to head speed tests.