USED AURA 2.8 2022
USED AURA 2.8 2022 USED AURA 2.8 2022 USED AURA 2.8 2022 USED AURA 2.8 2022

USED AURA 2.8 2022

Code: [Green / Blue V]

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Model: 2022 - Condition: LIKE NEW-USED 5 TIMES!!

(*Leash, Soft Handles & Bag included).

The world’s first wing with exchangeable soft-to-rigid handles.

Introducing the new AURA VAYU, our freeride and wave riding machine! A lightweight wing, perfectly balanced, built for effortless floating behind you.

Featuring our proprietary center strut design which offers you the most Control over the wing when needed. Side or rotational movements are eliminated since the handles are firmly locked into the Center strut.

Being superlight and balanced, this AURA will float and basically disappear when riding a wave.

The soft and forgiving Frame will help you stump new tricks with ease.

High performance wave wing with great drift ability.

High balanced and neutral in your hands and when freewinging.


Includes 2 x soft handles that are easy to exchange for the boom-system (included in the package).