A.I.O. 5'0 50lt 2023
A.I.O. 5'0 50lt 2023 A.I.O. 5'0 50lt 2023

A.I.O. 5'0 50lt 2023

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SIZES: 4’6” / 5’0” / 5’1”: With the three smaller sizes we are covering Wing-Foil, Surf-Foil, Wake-Foil and Tow-In-Foil. 5’2”: Also covering Wing-Foil, Surf-Foil, Wake-Foil and Tow-In-Foil but additionally also to be used for advanced Foil-SUP. 5’9” / 6’6” and 5’9”-WS / 6’6”-WS: The wider width is eliminating the possibility to Surf-Foil but it opens up the range of use with Foil-SUP and windsurfing for the “WS” models.

SHAPE: Rail: For the 4’6”/5’0”/5’1” we designed a “step rail” for a good grip while duck diving and to reduce the volume to be able and sink the board for more stability when it is rough and windy. It is hard to kneel on a board when it is wavy and the narrow shape also permits low flying tight turns with a shorter mast when it is shallow. The other sizes have a flat-beveled nose entry to reduce drag and avoid the water sucking up the rail. The round boxy rail throughout the middle of the board gives the most volume close to the bottom and makes the shape stable to kneel on it.

Cutouts: For easier and quick take-off the trick is to find the right reduction of tail volume to sink and position the front wing with a better angle of attack. The sharp edges around the tail are essential to have clean water flow release and reduce the drag when increasing/maintaining speed gliding on top of the water for take-off and touch down. Bottom Shape: After testing, we choose less concave depth to avoid the board dragging through the water too much. We, therefore, compromised a bit softer touch-down against quicker take-off, more acceleration and speed, and less drag with more release after touch down. EVA (Deck Pad): A full deck EVA with an indicated bump to quickly see and feel the center of the board.

Finbox: No matter if you choose to shred waves, pull freestyle moves, compete in races or simply cruise along we offer on all our sizes the Deep-Tuttle Foilbox and the 10” US-Tracks. Inserts: With so many different foil setup options the feet position is crucial and with 68 possible holes at the front foot and 22 holes at the back foot we offer any strap position needed. Leash Plug & Fin-Handle: Secure your board with a wrist- or leg-leash attached to the leash plug at the tail. For strength & performance reasons we offer a Grab-Handle-Fin to carry the board which is fixed with the “FCS-System” on the bottom of the board (size 5’2” and bigger). A.I.O.

CONSTRUCTION: The stiffer a foilboard can be the more control and performance you have as a rider - It's as simple as that!! As the only brand worldwide being able to produce “One-Shot-Monocoque” hollow windsurf boards (AIRINSIDE) we implemented our knowledge also to our EPS boards. With a full Deck-Rail-Bottom PVC Sandwich with full Deck-Rail-Bottom Carbon wrap and the exclusive Pre-Preg Carbon/Honeycomb Mast-track & Deep Tuttle Foil Box (depending on the model) and the exclusive Monocoque reinforcements, we are easily leading today’s construction methods for this sport. We know there are boards being sold at very low prices all around the market, but our concern is how long will they last. After the full wing season in Australia it became apparent that softer constructions cannot handle the stress of the more extreme riding, puming and hard landings. Whoever has a better understanding of composite technology and a decent knowledge of foil boarding knows that a board construction without PVC is not gonna last long for any rider – not even for the beginner. It is a fact that any construction without a PVC sandwich shell wrapped all around the board is simply done by many brands to save money. The feedback from repair shops around the world is also straightforward – “Any construction without PVC sandwich will not last more than a few months – no matter how many carbon layers you put!” 1) Stiffness & lightweight are the key words to learn fast and to perform at best in competition. 2) Static load is the killer of any foil board. 3) Impact is a standard for any learner and pro who wants to get better. This is why we are convinced to offer you the best boards with the best construction technology currently available. Try one and feel the difference!!


Model Length(cm) Width(cm/inches) Volume(lt) Weight(kg) Strap Options Fin Box
 A.I.O.5’0” 152 55 / 21 50  TBC 3 front+1 back Foil-DTB+US Plate