QT-WAVE 2023

QT-WAVE 2023

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OVERVIEW Different wave spots, different conditions and different styles of riding make it really difficult to develop a high-level production wave board... but our QT-WAVE is the answer for those who want to travel light and play in any kind of wind and wave conditions. With the 5 fin boxes (1x US, 4x Slot) you can setup the board as Singlefin, Twinser, Trailer, Tri-Fin, Thruster, Quad and even Trailer Quad (5Fin). With all these options you can perfectly adapt the QT-Wave to your style of riding and the type of waves the spot is offering.


Optical aspects & Footpads With the new graphics influenced by Italian designer Fabio Canella we have created a colourful but still clean board design. The 6mm thick diamond groove grip pad has an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer which makes it 12mm in total. The special layup uses the hard layer to spread the load onto a wider board surface via the soft bottom layer of the pad. This gives us more impact resistance while keeping a direct feeling under your feet.

Shape & Outline Balanced and pretty. Shaped by hand. After thousands of boards shaped the experience and precision of our shaper Patrik Diethelm will easily outperform any CNC software. The result is a perfect shape with a beautifully flowing outline. The wider front section gives you enough lift in the nose area to go planing early and to be able to hit the whitewater late. The narrow tail gives you that agressive feeling when moving ther board from rail to rail. Enjoy maximum grip in carved top turns. Chose between carving and throwing spray or sliding and new-school tricks on the wave. This board will never hold you back.

Scoop-Rocker and Bottom Contour New Single into double concave into vee concept that creates more rocker on the rail line while keeping a moderate rocker in the center. This gives you the best of both worlds. Good accelleration and speed on the straight and more response and a playful radical feeling in the turns. A slight tail kick under your backfoot allows you adapt your turns to the wave any time. Progressive bottom shape with deeper concaves on the smaller sizes for more control. Connect fast sections with ease, throw some big spray... The new QT can do it all.

Fins & Fin Boxes The QT-Wave comes with 4x PATRIK Power wave (PW) fins. Center US 8” box to allow the use of bigger single fins. 4 side slot boxes to save weight. Inserts Each insert offers 4-positions and on the front strap has a double plug to be able and change width and angle for different foot size and riding style.

Volume distribution The balanced thickness under your feet and around the mast track is one of the key points to create a good allround wave board. A light dome deck allows as to keep thinner rails while 'hiding' some volume in the center of the board. This trick also improves the stiffness and break resistance of the construction. The much thinner tail area gives you control, grip and manoeuvrability.

Rails / Tucked The round rails & tuck starting in the nose area make the board feel smooth troughout the turn. Round rails give you control and also more grip. Under the mast track the tucked show a slightly more visible edge which gets a little sharper between the straps and ends up sharp right behind the back strap for early planning acceleration and top speed.

Deck Shape The smooth balance ov the whole shape is being carried over into all details. The light domed deck is more round at the front foot for a comfortable stand and good grip in the straps when planing and jumping. More flat under the backfoot for a better connection to the wave.

CONSTRUCTION The topic where opinions split radically. But at the end of day let the advanced riders prove that our construction is built to last. The full carbon/kevlar deck is light and stiff with a good impact resistance. The Biax glass fibres on the bottom give you that controlled extra flex our riders love for the big turns and landings. Important fact: The softer biax glass spreads the load much better into the 3d construction than a full carbon bottom would. This results in better flex, better strength and better overall performance, while saving some money on production costs where it's not needed. Patrik Diethelms knowlede in composite construction is unmatched in the windsurf industry. This is our way of creating sustainable products that will last you many years when used correctly.

PRO TIPS: BASTIEN ESCOFET (Professional Surfer) "I ride the QT-Wave as my go-to waveboard in almost any kind of conditions, from onshore France to perfect Western Australia. My favourite fin setup is thruster or tri-fin as these setups make the board loose and radical. For more drive and control pick the quad setup. The best waveboard I've ever had!"


Model Length(cm) Width(cm) Volume(lt) Weight Fin Box
QT-WAVE 76 226  55.5  76  TBC   1xUS+4xSlot
QT-WAVE 82 227  57.0  82  TBC   1xUS+4xSlot
QT-WAVE 87 228  58.5  87  TBC   1xUS+4xSlot
QT-WAVE 94 229  60.0  94  TBC   1xUS+4xSlot
QT-WAVE 102 230  63.0  102  TBC   1xUS+4xSlot