VVING V2 2022
VVING V2 2022 VVING V2 2022 VVING V2 2022 VVING V2 2022

VVING V2 2022

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The most special feature of the VVING V2 is the Bridge-Boom strut system! 

A foldable boom, which requires no additional tools and is automatically brought into position when inflated.

The Bridge-Boom provides a wide range of hand positions enabling intuitive transitions and precise direct control while trimming the wing.

Over or underpowered, the VVING handles any gust and generates considerable forward speed.

Being balanced and reactive with sweep and dihedral, the VVING is very tow friendly when riding waves.

Whether your focus is riding open ocean waves, carving or freestyle tricks, the VVING does it all!!

Unique Bridge-Boom for precise control.

Windows for improved visibility.

Easy and quick. No hassle setup with one pump system and folding boom.

Wide wind range due to rigid frame, flat profile and high canopy Tension.