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SHAPE AND FEEL The FoilRide is the easiest to ride out of our five (!) pure foil boards, the FoilCompV2, the FoilRace, the FoilRide, the FoilMove and the FoilStyle. It's a little narrower in the tail than the FoilRace and the FoilComp. The FoilRide doesn't have cutouts which makes the accelleration more even, easier to control and more stable. Usually freeriders don't use a lot of rake on the foil mast so the additional sinking of the tail as a scondary result of the cutouts is not needed to give the foil a positive angle of attack. It's way more important to give the rider the confidence and safety to gain trust in foiling quickly and improve from session to session. Of course our cutouts design offer the more agressive accelleration and get to the flight earlier but at the same time the passive accelleration (without pumping sail and board) is really impressive on the FoilRide. The mastrack doesn't come with the deck recess, which is not needed in freeriding, so the board is less vulnerable to deck damage while you're learning to master the foil. The strap placement is more inboard to help foil beginners to get into the straps with ease. We recommend the outboard strap positions for the frontfoot and the inboard positions for your back foot when foiling. The advanced aerodynamics of this board will give you the smoothest and easiest ride on a windfoil you can possibly imagine.

HOW TO PICK YOUR SIZE? The wider the board the earlier the flight and the easier the jibes. The narrower the board the better the aerodynamics in strong winds resulting in a more controlled flight and higher top speeds.

FOIL AND FIN READY! Equipped with a big freeride fin the FoilRide can be used as a fun fin freeride board as well. The short outline feels fun and controlled. The flat rockerline allows for easy planing. The lift of a bigger fin is needed to make the FoilRide come alive. Then it's cutting through the chop like butter and feels always easy to ride, smooth and easy. On the fin the Foilride is surely not our fastest board but maybe the most fun. Especially considering the fact that you can switch from the 95 fuselage foil setup straight to the fin without changing anything else. The wind picks up and foiling gets a little hectic? No problem, just take the foil out, put a 40 fin for the 114, a 44 fin for the 131 and a 48 fin for the 147 and enjoy the ride!! (Make sure to use the outboard and rear strap positions for fin use)