S-RIDE 12'6
S-RIDE 12'6

S-RIDE 12'6

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Our line of SUPs covers inflatable SUPs (iSUP) of superior quality and a advanced and computer-optimised high-accuracy construction that makes our boards stiffer and stronger than other boards on the market. Our "control-flex" construction technology was developed over four years of intense testing and non-stop R&D in close cooperation with our production factory which is highly specialised in high-performance dinghys, rafts and ribs. In this unique construction we are able to reproduce different bottom shapes on inflatable SUPs with umatched precision. This allows us to give a Vee bottom to some of our boards in the range and a single concave depending on the shape concept.


Most of our boards offer the option to mount a windsurf sail on them. The more compact S-Wave got is made for riding waves and learning how to winfsurf. As the fun highlight of our line you will find the S-Fun iSup which is a tandem windsurf SUP so you can go windsurf with your wife, child or friend on the same board. This board is also perfect for schools that want to offer a tandem board. The S-Ride boards are most probably the stiffest inflate SUPs on the market while the S-Bomb is made for insecure learners, eldery, heavyweights and whole families including pets and kids toys. Go for the S-Cross as an quick to inflate and affordable entry option while the S-Race will satisfy the most demanding riders.

*All inflatable boards come with a wheeled multi compartment bag and a 3-piece paddle that fits into this bag. Switchable 2-way Pump, Fin and Repairkit included.


Length Width Thick Volume Bottom shape Windsurf fitting Extras

S-Ride 12’6 12’6 33” 6” 397 Yes Rubber rail for planning