4-WAVE 2024
4-WAVE 2024

4-WAVE 2024

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Developed in Margaret River, Australia, by our congenial design duo Patrik Diethelm and Fabio Canella, this sail has met our riders highest expectations right from the start. The 4Wave offers a fairly unique concept of innovative backhand-powercontrol. By defining the profile of the sail with a special mix of materials - from a soft dacron in the front to the stiffest x-ply in the back of the sail - we could reduce the twist of the sail body above the boom in a positive way that offers you that little bit of extra horsepower – constantly available whenever you need it. Key to the 4Wave's outstanding efficiency is the wide outline in the centre of the sail while keeping a standard boom length. The panel above the boom gets the cleanest airflow so the wide panel can create drive and power while the narrow top guarantees for easy clew-first behaviour. This sail's mighty low-end acceleration can easily outperform bigger sails, so for the full experience make sure to ride your 4Wave smaller than you usually would: With on pull of the backhand you can always unleash the power while you benefit from faster rotations, more radical turns and last but not least a better wipeout-resistance of a smaller sail in big surf.

CONSTRUCTION Which material and where to use it has been one of the key points in the development of our wave range. Rather than increase the shape into the panels (which leads to extra stress for the stitching and decreases the range of use) we decided to play with sail materials instead and carefully chose the correct thickness for each area. Going from "mast to clew", we used soft dacron for the luff panel, then 2 MIL x/scrim-ply for the front/top part and 4 MIL x/scrim-ply for the base. All the panels along the leech are thicker 5 MIL x/warp ply. This mix helps the wind to blow the sail exactly where you want the power avoiding the draft to shift back when conditions become stronger. As a final touch, we studied our own kevlar load spread lines. They connect clew, top and the two innovative mini-battens on the luff panel. The secret of the incredible wind range is (also) here... Last but not least, we focused to provide you a sail as light as possible that it's still capable to survive some big wipe outs and last you for years. This is our true approach on sustainability.

TRIM The 4Wave offers an extended trim-range on both downhaul and outhaul. First set your favourite downhaul to define the amount of loose-leech you like best. Less downhaul for a freestyle/wave baggy feel and a more open leech for down-the-line sailing and high-wind jumping. Then mainly use your outhaul to set the desired amount of profile, power and drive. Once you get used to this very new school approach of a super-smooth power wavesail, the 4Wave will be the only sail you'll ever need.

PRO TIPS: BASTIEN ESCOFET (Professional Surfer) "First chose the amount of downhaul that suits your riding best. Make full use of the big trim range to set your sail baggy for maximum drive or with more loose leech for jumping and an easy playful feeling. Then mainly use the OUTHAUL to set up your 4Wave for the current wind speed and wave situation."


Size(m²) Luff(cm) Boom(cm) Ideal Mast (cm) Compatible Mast(cm) Vario Top
3.2 337 136  RDM 340 RDM 370 YES
3.6 358 144  RDM 340 RDM 370 YES
4.0 374  148  RDM 370 RDM 340   NO
4.4 388  157  RDM 370  X   NO
4.8 403  165  RDM 400  RDM 370   NO
5.2 419  170  RDM 400  X   NO
5.6 432  171  RDM 430  RDM 400   NO
6.0 444  176  RDM 430  X   NO